Farm Feature - Morning Star Farm, Orcas Island

We love supporting our local farmers at the Co-op!
Morning Star Farm is supplying us with an abundance of spring salad greens and beautiful lettuce heads this season.
Read on to learn more about their practices and find all of their offerings on our produce page

Over the last 30 years, with the help and collaboration of many dear people and creatures, Morning Star Farm has developed into a small market garden business that produces food for local markets, restaurants, food bank and schools.

Today they intensively cultivate two acres of vegetables, fruit, and flowers while remaining attentive to the health of the soil and vitality of the larger ecosystem. They strive to minimize tillage and prefer to steward the land by hand, with hand tools, and with the occasional use of a two wheel tractor. To attract beneficial pollinators and to promote biodiversity, they integrate perennial and annual plantings. They produce and apply compost and compost tea to foster and sustain healthy, living soil. Thoughtful yearly crop rotations allow for healthy crops, soil, and pest management.

In early Fall, the beds are put to rest in cover crop with the goal of leaving no bare soil through the winter and supplying adequate fertility for the growing season to come. The farmers at Morning Star consider their land to be a creative sanctuary where they continue to work, play and strive for balance and health for the good of all life.